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Grey Seal  pup   thick white fur  cute  cuddly  big eyes  anthropomorphic  mammal  animal   young cub  rocky islands  colourful rocks  harsh environment   survival sea waves  Inishark  Island  Galway Ireland  photograph  Grey Seal Pup - The Milky Way Kid.jpg


Birthday or Christening (The Milky Way)

Ideal Birthday gift or Christening gift ... Grey Seal pups are born in the autumn covered in thick white fur.I photographed these Grey Seals in October on the islands off the west of Ireland. The pups are born on the rocky shore and spend a few months there before going to sea.They are very vulnerable being pushed and shoved a great deal. The mothers, so swift and agile in the water, are fairly helpless to protect their young on shore. However, They provide rich milk whenever they can and the young pup puts on pounds every day. This patch of sand made life more comfortable for mother and pup.


Once an image selection has been made you can contact us and request a direct invoice through Paypal. Images are printed on to Smooth Fine Art Paper (100 percent cotton rag paper) using Pigment Ink to deliver the highest quality image which will resist fading for generations.


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