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Spotted Eagle Rays  harmless  filter feeders   tiny plankton  Black Turtle Bay  Santa Cruez  Galapagos  reflections  mangrove-fringed lagoon  IUCN Red List Near Threatened  photograph Stealth Formation ( Spotted Eagle Rays).jpg


Stealth Formation

Rays are harmless filter feeders that wing through the water near the surface and scoop up mouthfuls of tiny plankton. I shot this in Black Turtle Bay off Santa Cruez in the Galapagos. The rays were winging silently through the water amongst the reflections of the mangrove-fringed lagoon. They are categorised in the 2006 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as Near Threatened.


Once an image selection has been made you can contact us and request a direct invoice through Paypal. Images are printed on to Smooth Fine Art Paper (100 percent cotton rag paper) using Pigment Ink to deliver the highest quality image which will resist fading for generations.


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